Upgrade of roundabout

Upgrade of roundabout
(from Lettie McCarthy)

A section of the Kilgobbin Road, between Hillcrest Road and Mount Eagle Way, was upgraded a number of years ago. The remaining section to Ballyogan Road has completed the Part VIII Public Consultation process and has approval to proceed. However, there are no funds available to carry out these works.

The Traffic Section are promoting the use of public transport and are encouraging residents from Aiken’s Village and Sandyford Hall to use the Luas via the Murphystown Way stop.

In order to improve safety for pedestrians crossing the Kilgobbin Road, the Traffic Section propose to install a pedestrian crossing between Sandyford Hall and the Old Murphystown Road. In conjunction with this work, it is proposed to tighten up the kerbing around the existing roundabout, which will slow traffic approaching the new crossing from the Ballyogan Road direction.

This work will be designed and constructed in 2012, subject to funding from the National Transport Authority.

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