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an end to speeding construction machines to and from rear green
Date: January 15, 2009 12:36PM
There is a Dail by election coming up very soon and the June county Councillers election: this can help the return of the the green space at Sandyford Hall Rise

Why should Sandyford Hall residents have a green space normally used by children every day now fenced off and used by construction machines as a delivery point for a large road project.

The water pipes were laid months ago under this green at the back of the estate as expected after the area was fenced off in September 2008. However now there is no action to restore the green and instead it has become a storage facility.

Now a residential cul de sac of 280 homes has heavy trucks and dumper trucks speeding in and out of it as the pipe laying proceeds metre by metre to the Sandyford Industrial estate, five kilometres away.

This unnecessary construction traffic is making younger children in this estate prisoners in their own homes and increasing the road safety dangers for the ones going to and from the local Centra. There are many better locations along the road works route for dropping road works materials where children do not play. (muddy car park green on Murphystown rd., or area around future Luas station on Murphstown Rd.,)

The area where the green meets Belarmine can be fenced off and accessed from Belarmine for future work.

Should not the day to day health, safety and wellbeing of the children living around this green space be a higher priority for the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown project team concerned.

Are Sandyford Hall voters being taken seriously or regarded as a soft touch. Your vote is the the equal of any other voters. In the past 2 to 5 votes have decided an outcome.

This estate has an unusually high number of youngsters around age 7 whose development is greatly helped by playing within view of their homes.

Why not play your part in local democracy and write to each representative listed on this website and ask them to represent your position on this easily avoidable situation to the County Manager, Mr. Owen Keegan

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Re: an end to speeding construction machines to and from rear green
Date: January 21, 2009 09:38PM
I've posted an update to the situation on the front page, also posted below as well

The contract period for the construction of the Sandyford High Level Water Scheme is from March 2008 to December 2009 and the contractor has possession of the lands for that period. Water main has been laid in the green space but these have yet to be tested and there are still additional services still to be installed (ie. drainage and power supply for the pumping station in Aikens Village). This area is direct access from the compounds for contractors plant and materials for the works in Sandyford Hall Rise (pipe laying almost complete), Murphystown Road (pipe laying currently underway), Leopardstown Heights and Mount Eagle Estate (where pipe laying has yet to commence). It is envisaged that it will be late summer/autumn 2009 before the green space is reinstated.

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Re: an end to speeding construction machines to and from rear green
Date: January 23, 2009 04:41PM
I've e-mailed several local representatives about this prolonged absence of our Green. I've no problem with public works and while it does irk me that our green is being used as an industrial depot when there are no doubt more suitable areas elsewhere, I'm resigned to the fact that this will not change. However I have asked that the contractors be instructed to :

1. Widen the corridor at the eastern end of the works to allow a useable access to the remaining green area

2. Tidy up the works area by removing some of the rubble/waste, lowering the height of the piles such that we can at least see our children at play and thus be more confident of their security

3. Erect proper signage warning of children at play on the Rise to encourage cars to slow down

4. Secure the works area properly with regular patrols by site watchmen and by erecting a proper gate and not a random selection of mobile fence sections which a baby could get past.

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