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Amenities for the Green
Date: August 04, 2013 10:54PM
I agree with what was said by Maeve in her previous post we do indeed need recreational facilities of children and adults alike.

We should be making use of the back green, which would be ideal for recreational purposes.

The ideal combination of children’s playground and an outdoor friendly gym along with a Multi Use Game Area would be ideal for our community.

Example of the above facilities are available to view in Ballawley Park and Leopardstown Heights.

I think some sort of discussion needs to be set in motion to find out the level of interest out there for some sort of facility that would benefit of all the community.

There are lots of family with young children in the estate and adults young and old who would benefit greatly from some sort of play area and outdoor gym area.

It would be great if people could join this discussion and show their interest in pushing this to the attention of our local county council and representatives. We have waited a long time to get the traffic situation at the front of the estate sorted out not forgetting the back green being dug up several times.

Please join the discussion in replying to this, I think it could be a very worthy endeavour and huge benefit to everybody !


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Re: Amenities for the Green
Date: August 04, 2013 11:51PM
Thanks for starting this thread Joanne. Does anyone know if any discussions have been held about this in the past? Would be good to know if we are starting from scratch or not.


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Re: Amenities for the Green
Date: August 05, 2013 06:36PM
Hi Maeve,
I’ve been reading your previous posts and in answer to your question regarding playareas and amenities. The only communication that has been received was to the resident association by Councillor Lettie McCarthy that we were added to an inclusion list for a MUGA sports ground.

The email was sent in 2009, and to summarize we were informed that we were added to an inclusion list.

Letties Email (see below)

Dear Declan,
A number of residents mentioned this to me on a number of occasions. This motion was just agreed.


04 NOVEMBER 2009
Inclusion of Sandyford Hall in MUGA Programme
Motion: Councillor L. McCarthy
“That this Planning Authority pursuant to Section 12 of the Planning & Development Act, 2000 resolves to amend the Draft Development Plan [April 2009] as follows;

“That the Manager would include Sandyford Hall in its MUGA Programme.”
The Manager agrees with the sentiment of this Motion.

Dun Laoaghaire Rathdown County Council are currently carrying out a
comprehensive review and audit of open space provision in the County which will set out future policy direction in relation to active recreation, play and outdoor sports facilities.

The Open Space Strategy will identify any deficits of open space and/or recreational facilities in the county based on best international practice. This report is due early in 2010.

Any strategic outputs/recommendations could be incorporated into the new
Development Plan by way of a Variation Consideration will be given to providing a MUGA in the Sandyford Hall area based on a combination of
(1) any recommendation arising from the above audit,
(2) consulatation with the local community and
(3) availability of finance.

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Re: Amenities for the Green
Date: October 14, 2013 10:54AM
Thanks Declan,

I have been a little distracted of late and am only checking in here now. I did mention this to Lettie when I last emailed her and she asked that I give her a call which I have yet to get round to doing. I will try and get her this week and report back on what she says. It seems nothing gets done unless we constantly harass the council.

Thanks again


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