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Cllr L. McCarthy - Council News
Date: June 10, 2013 12:23PM
Dear Resident,

Following representation from many residents regarding the ‘darkness’ around the garage area on Murphystown Road – please see the positive reply below and hopefully this will make a difference.

Kind regards,
086 8186718

5TH JUNE 2013
Enhancement of Public Lighting on Murphystown Road
Motion: Councillor L. McCarthy
“That the Manager would please enhance the public lighting on Murphystown Road
towards the junction with Kilgobbin Road in the interest of pedestrian safety.”
Further to a site inspection the public lighting maintenance contractor has been instructed to upgrade the existing lantern on Murphystown Way pole 1 and 2 to modern white type light. A new 1 meter up and out bracket will be mounted on pole 2 to improve the spread of light on to the pedestrian way. The tree trimming contractor has been instructed to trim the small tree which is growing on the wall between the two lights this will also improve the spread of light.

27TH MAY 2013
Introduction of Road Markings in Sandyford Hall
Question: Councillor L. McCarthy
“To ask the Manager to please introduce road markings in Sandyford Hall where the Avenue, Rise and View meet to give clear indication to road users and prevent further near misses and confusion?”
“The Traffic Section will review the need for additional road markings in Sandyford Hall, at the junction of Sandyford Avenue, Rise and View.”

Safety Evaluation of Carrickmines Roundabout
Motion: Councillor L. McCarthy
“That the Manager would please evaluate the Carrickmines roundabout following
many complaints regarding safety issues especially around the Bray exit due to users in wrong lanes and please indicate if this roundabout can be made safer for all road users.”
“The Traffic Section has forwarded the concerns of some drivers in relation to
existing road markings on the roundabout at Junction 15, Carrickmines to their
National Roads Authority for their consideration and comment.
It would be hoped that a scheme could be developed similar to the works undertaken at Junction 14, Sandyford Rotary, in 2012.
It should be noted that any such work is contingent upon the availability of funding.”

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