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Date: July 14, 2012 12:41AM
Tonight a group of approximately 12 foreign students, boys and girls,carrying small yellow rucksacks and, whom I reckon were in their mid teens, gathered on the front green. Whereas they were not rowdy, they were drinking cans of Budweiser. The boys frequented the shrubbery in the middle of the green regularly - presumably to use the area as a toilet - and, when they left at approximately 10pm they left a collection of empty beer cans on our green. I watched as they left and this "gang" exited the estate and crossed the road in the direction of the Murphystown Road. I can only assume that they are staying in some of the estates on the other side of the Kilgobbin Road. I contacted the Gardai at 9.35pm but as you may know, Stepaside station has fallen foul to the cutbacks and the Gardai in Blackrock did not manage to get anyone up here before the "gang" left - not their fault. If anyone has contact with the residents associations on the other side of the Kilgobbin Road, perhaps they would pass on this message and ask them to notify their residents of the behavior of the "fee paying guests" of some of their residents. Also, if anyone knows which institution provides these yellow bags to their summer students, perhaps you would let me know as I think this should be reported to the institution also.

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