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it is time for rear green to be handed back
Date: November 07, 2008 05:24PM
the rear green is fenced off as if Pierce construction own it,

unless residents contact the county councellors this rear green will remain a handy depot for a LONG time and unavailable to its main users the youngsters who play on it on dry days (even the winter ones)

Pierce construction have no reason not to fence off the two ends of the green and any other small areas by the same means they fence off their jcb at night, with bolted fences mounted in iron blocks and return the main part with topsoil restored and seeded, unless you contact your local representatives,......

this will not occur without residents lifting the phone and asking for it, I am one of many who is in touch and who needs this facility back for my young children and their friends,

the local elections are coming next year, the situation needs everybody to get on the phone and ask when is the middle of this rear green is going to returned to the children of sandyford hall who live beside it, and use it for football (and who are too young to go over to the front green)

there will only be progress if many residents get on the phone please don't expect one or two to make a difference

are the residents around this comandeered green being taken seriously?

Lettie MCarthey vice chair of Council 086 8186718
Tom Joyce Chairman of Council 0863881530
John Byrne 086-8501193
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Re: it is time for rear green to be handed back
Date: November 10, 2008 03:43PM
Found this just now thought I'd post it

In the November Issue of Panorama Cllr. Lettie McCarthy states in the Council News section that

"On completion of the works on the green space in Sandyford Hall the affected area will be reinstated as part of the contract.

This work will include breaking up the top surface of the ground and removing large stones and extraneous material, prior to replacing the topsoil, which will be prepared and sown with grass"

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Re: it is time for rear green to be handed back
Date: January 23, 2009 04:49PM
Indeed, there is an undertaking to restore the green, the question is when. According to the latest update, while the pipes are laid, there remains some work to be done. However d18 is correct in questioning why the entire area currently fenced off remains so. Why is our green space being used as a depot, and an increasingly unsightly one at that. Can't access to the depot be made via the derilict lands between Sandyford Hall and the Enniskerry Road? Aren't there sites in the Industrial Estate where rubble and such waste can be dumped?

Manor Park Homes didn't do a lot of stuff right as I'm sure we all agree, but they did keep the green in good nick. Now that the estate has finally been taken in hand its somewhat ironic that its now in worse condition than at any time since it was a building site!

I have noticed the physical and behavioural impact that the absence of proper access to the green has had on my children. My vote will definitely be influenced by the responses, and actions, of our local representatives.

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