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Potential New Resident
Date: November 15, 2010 10:34AM

We are currently looking at buying a house up in Sandyford Hall estate,

I have read numerous posts about wall-hoppers, anti-social behaviour and general teenagers causing hassel.

Is this still ongoing and is is a major everyday issue? Would it put you off buying in the area?


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Re: Potential New Resident
Date: November 15, 2010 02:53PM
Sandyford Hall is great place to live. A clean, quiet, leafy estate with terrific views and great access to the M50 and Luas, without being close enough to hear either.

Looking at any online forum for any estate, you see a very condensed version of issues, both positive and negative, and the more people that care about their area, the more people will raise problems with the view of nipping them in bud early. I think a lot of the 'problems' spoken about on the forum, would not be considered issues in a lot of areas where they occur, but I'm glad that they are focused upon here, so they don't progress.

I've lived in numerous areas of south dublin, Sandyford Hall is the nicest area I've lived in.

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Re: Potential New Resident
Date: November 16, 2010 11:25AM

agree fully with mwebb - I moved in just in May. I had a good look around the area and identified this estate as the best tradeoff in terms of cost, M50 noise and house quality. Ferncarrig would also be quite nice for the same reason.

There is not a neighborhood in the country where kids don't hang around by the shops. But let's face it, these are south dublin teenagers and not that much of a concern. I work in Blanch where there have been a spate of mobile phone robberies at knife point by teenagers. Puts things in perspective! As for the wall-hopping itself - well I'm not sure it even exists now that the council have opened pedestrian access between the estates to facilitate access to the Luas.

Before buying I contacted a local representative who advised me that the area is pretty good when it comes to crime etc.

There are lot of positives to the area in my mind - M50 and Luas are fantastic, and you're very close to the Enniskerry road - you'll feel like you're in the countryside - yet can still get rapid public transport to the city center.

good luck!

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Re: Potential New Resident
Date: November 16, 2010 09:36PM
And don't forget a number of Primary schools in the area, with the Gaelscoil in Belarmine and other National Schools close by. Secondary schools within easy access of the Luas and bus service. Also some excellent local soccer, rugby and gaa clubs. You can walk to Sandyford village for a pint, or even to go to Mass!
The shops attract the teenagers to hang around, but then it's very handy when you need milk at 10pm.

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Re: Potential New Resident
Date: November 18, 2010 01:31PM
sandyford hall is a very good estate, halloween night is like something in Brazil, they all are around here, we are very glad we bought here, after very careful looking, you will be too, early seasons greetings :-)

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