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Date: January 01, 2010 04:03PM
Happy New Year to everyone on the estate.

Just want to remind parents to teach their kids not to throw snowballs at cars. I drove down the avenue this afternoon and at the end there was 8 teenage boys pelting the windows of cars as they drove by.

I don't want to sound like a killjoy, but I've seen windows smashed on cars when the snow turns to ice. Plus it's difficult enough driving conditions at the moment without the added distraction of snowballs hitting your windscreen.

Thanks for listening.

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Re: Snowballs
Date: January 02, 2010 05:59PM
I saw them in the same place yesterday too. I don't think they are from our estate though. They look like the scumbags I saw on new years eve staggering out of SH Walk, drunk and fighting each other (and not with snowballs) in the middle of the night. They couldn't have been more than 15 years old. Absolute disgrace!

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Re: Snowballs
Date: March 08, 2010 10:41AM
The products of excellent parenting skills??

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