Clean Up, Graffitti, Development Plan and more

We have co-ordinated a clean up with equipment provided by the council for Tuesday 20th May between 6.30 and 8.30pm. Local association reps will be in contact and hopefully everyone will make an effort to clean up their corner of the estate as well as the open areas which should be cared for by all. There will be a flyer drop to attract the attention of renters and new tenants over the past year to encourage their participation.

County council development plan
A seperate email has been sent around updating residents on the plan. Association reps will attend the information sessions in Dundrum this week. A submission will be sent in on any pertinent issues by the SHRA. Please let us know if you have any concerns.

Summer grants
Funding is available from the Council for local projects. Any ideas for the estate will be welcomed.

Road widening
We remain in contact with the council regarding the road widening and will email the plans once finalised to all residents. We are still unclear as to the frontage the council plan to use and are lobbying for improvements.

Everyone is aware that there is an increase in graffitti in the estate. If you see Graffitti which you want cleared please email the Residents assocation with location details and we will forward these to the council.

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